Liverpool Slavery History Trail - A fascinating walk back in time.
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Eric Lynch - Liverpool Slavery History Trail

Eric Scott Lynch is a Liverpool born black man, an active trade unionist, retired Senior Shop Steward and Liverpool City Council Trainer.

He left school at the age of 14 unable to read or write, having been ‘educated' in city schools which regarded such skills as unnecessary for black children (and, it follows, black adults). Within a few years however, he had taught himself literacy skills, partly because of his interest in the recorded, (though often misinformed and incomplete), history of Liverpool.


Liverpool Slavery History Trail
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Liverpool Capital of Culture




The Liverpool Slavery History Trail is a fascinating walk back in time.



Hi Eric, hope you are well? After last years successful trip I'm planning several more visits to the slavery museum in October and wanted to check your availability for the Slavery history trail. Do you have any bookings yet for the weekends in October? The feedback last year was excellent and a lot of people who opted out of the tour were very disappointed when they heard those who attended talking about the walk. Also the dvd was excellent and so much more in depth most certainly a good buy. Please let me know your availability and we'll talk some more later. I'm also planning to invite you to do a presentation in Birmingham based on the DVD so let me know your thoughts on that to please. 

Kinds Regards


Richard Bell - University of Maryland

"Every January I bring a group of American undergraduate students to Liverpool to learn about its global past. The Slavery History Trail has become an essential component of our itinerary because of the energy and enthusiasm that Eric Lynch brings to this one of a kind city walking tour. With Eric as our guide, my students and I confront the legacies of Liverpool's role in the international slave trade.
Eric is a Liverpool institution. I can't imagine visiting Liverpool and conducting an investigation into its global past without him."

My best,


Richard Bell
Assistant Professor
Department of History
University of Maryland



Sandra Richards - Northwestern University

Dear Mr Lynch

I've finally recovered from jet lag and wanted to grab a moment to thank you again for the wonderful tour you gave me.  

As you'll recall, I have been researching tourism to slave sites around the Atlantic Ocean and visited Liverpool as one of the financial hearts of the transatlantic trade.  Your command of historical materials is impressive, and your enthusiasm makes the trip even more fun.  I especially appreciated your taking me to the top floor of what had been Martins and then later, Barclay's Bank. Your reminder to “use your eyes not your emotions” is an invaluable piece of advice as I proceed.

Again, my thank you's.  I hope our paths will cross again at some point—particularly because I suspect your knowledge of twentieth century black Liverpool history is equally deep and important.

Take care,
Sandra Richards

Sandra L. Richards, Professor
African American Studies & Theatre
Northwestern University
Evanston IL 60208 USA
847-491-5122; 847-491-4803 fax



Thess - Chair of Education Foundation

Dear Eric
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour on Monday 31 August. This was the second time that some of the group did your tour and we still learned something new. Educare Foundation would like to know if you are able to do a talk at our Black History Month Celebration on Saturday 16 October? Our celebration is a fundraising event. Please let me know if you are able to come and do the talk. We are based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

With kind regards.

Chair of Education Foundation



Thanks Eric for giving Hannah and myself such a fantastic insight into the slave trade and history of Liverpool. Your knowledge and research on the subject were evident and the manner in which you related it provoked a real connection with the past.  I could recommend this tour to anyone who wishes to learn more about the stories behind the sites, buildings and people of Liverpool.

Rose Green



Dear Eric
My dad and I have safely returned to the US. The past few weeks, especially during my remaining time in Liverpool, I have thought of your tour often. Now, being home in Boston, it will be impossible for me to look at our beautiful waterfront without thinking back on what I learned during my time at a different, but ever so connected, waterfront across the sea. I just wanted to thank you for not only for the hard knowledge I gained during the tour, but also for the desire to never stop exploring our pasts, no matter how tough it may be. Thanks again so much and I hope all is well with you and your family!

All the best - Carey


The Liverpool Slavery History Trail is a fascinating walk back in time and your tour guide is Eric Scott Lynch, Liverpool Historian. Tours are available throughout the year and for more information please call 0151 709 7682 or contact Eric by completing the enquiry form by clicking here.

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The Liverpool Slavery History Trail - A Fascinating Walk Back In Time